Party Bus Newcastle

Party Bus Newcastle

Party Bus Company that beats them all. The Newcastle Party Bus will beat all its competitors with its amazing well-appointed vehicles and great service. The amazing parties on wheels will ensure that everyone has a great time and no one will be left missing any actions. The vehicle is a simple yet very effective way of planning a fun and successful party. Whether it is just partying for the weekend or organizing a mixer, birthday or stag party, the vehicle is the way to go. Great services that will keep everyone grooving late into the night the music and lights will set the tempo for the night. With great nightspots to explore in the region there is a lot of fun that awaits party goers.
60 Passenger Charter Bus

Our largest charter bus rental available and our most requested size for large groups of people.

56 passwnger charter bus
56 Passenger Charter Bus

Our largest charter bus rental available and our most requested size for large groups of people.

47 passenger charter bus
47 Passenger Charter Bus

This charter bus is an excellent choice for large group events under fifty passengers.

40 passenger charter bus
40 Passenger Charter Bus

A mid size charter bus that would be ideal for group transportation for any occasion.

35 passenger charter bus
35 Passenger Charter Bus

The smallest available size in a charter bus style can still hold a larger sized group.

28 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Our larger models of shuttle buses are a good choice if you have less than 30 passengers.

24 passenger shuttle bus
24 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Your guests will enjoy a comfortable ride in this shuttle bus rental to get them to their destination.

18 passenger mini bus
18 Passenger Mini Bus

We offer minibus rentals for small groups that require transportation or point to point travel.

12 passenger shuttle bus
12 Passenger Sprinter Bus

Our smallest offering is a Sprinter bus rental that gives you plenty of room and a comfort.

Party Buses Newcastle

Neighbouring to Seattle, Newcastle boasts of some great night spots. Whether it is the places within the city's limits or those of its neighbouring cities there will always be an abundance of music. The best drinks and food will provide the sustenance to keep the party going till late into the night. The city has lots of good local restaurants and bars that it can boast off with great options for good food and great service. A variety of food and music beckons restaurants lovers. Different cuisines will tickle the taste buds and there is plenty for food lovers. The best bar tenders will service great concoctions that will provide energy to last through the night. Some of the few names within the vicinity or party lovers are the Neighbors nightclub, Heaven nightclub, Trinity Nightclub, Zasu Nightclub.

Party Bus Rentals Newcastle Washington

The Newcastle Washington Party Bus will cater to necessities of all successful partier. Born out of years of experience there will be plenty to talk about when the night is over. The Party Buses in NewcastleWA offer amazing options for party lovers and there is always something that will keep party lovers on their toes. The Newcastle Party Vehicle provides services to and in the cities of Seattle, Kent, Kirkland, Renton, Redmond. The amazing option of partying into the night on board the vehicle will be complimented by extended services in the zip codes of 98056, 98104,98122. The Newcastle Washington Party Bus Rental provides great packages that are designed to suit different party needs and budgets. There will always be something that will keep everyone entertained and keep the party going. The Party Bus pricesare great compared to the cost of renting venues and such expenses. The Limo Bus Rental is favoured by the more exclusive crowd. It is a great way to pamper one's friends or plan out a night of indulgence. Whatever the occasion, the Limo Buses in Newcastlewill not disappoint.The Party bus Company gives some good options to Rent a party Bus in Newcastle. The Cheap Party Bus Rentals Newcastle make it a tempting options for prom and weddings. With Prom Party Bus in Newcastle being a great option for a continued after party, it is bound to favoured by party lovers. The low cost wedding party bus will help save wedding hosts some much needed money and they are a great way to put in some extra festivities.