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We are the best party bus rental company in Middletown, Ohio. We've done all the work to find the perfect party bus for your event, and we're happy to do it.

Our buses are the best around, and our prices are affordable. If you have any questions about our rentals or about finding a bus for your event, just ask! Our friendly staff is here to help.

We provide nationwide, coast-to-coast service—there's no limit to where our party buses can take you.

We have a vast selection of buses that can accommodate any size group and any style of trip you have planned. You can easily narrow down your options by selecting a vehicle type and letting us know how many people will be traveling with you. Our affordable rates make it easy to find a bus that will fit your budget and your needs.

So if you want to get the party started, give us a call! We can help you find reliable transportation anywhere in Middletown or nationwide!

Ready to party?

It's never too early to start planning for your next big night out. Whether you're looking for a fun way to celebrate someone's birthday, or you just need a night on the town with your best friends, we have got you covered.

To get started, think about the following:

- What are your plans for the night?

- Where do you want to go?

- Who will be attending?

Once you have an idea of these details, you can use our booking engine to find party bus rental prices. You'll see that our booking engine is easy to use—just select where you're going and how many passengers will be riding in the party bus. Once you've chosen the vehicle type that works best with your group size and destination, you'll see your price displayed on the screen. Your quote will also include tax and tip, so there are no hidden fees or surprise charges later on.

A Party bus rental is a lot of fun and it's also a great way to get around town. Party buses are an excellent choice for bachelor parties, weddings, or any other occasion where you want your friends or family to be able-to socialize and enjoy themselves in comfort. Party buses can carry up to 25 people with enough space in the back for a DJ booth and dance floor. If you're looking for party bus rentals near me Middletown Ohio then look no further!

Party bus rental near me Middletown, Ohio: Party buses and limousines are the perfect way to celebrate a special event. If you're in need of party bus rentals or limo rentals for your next celebration, we can help! Party Bus Rentals Near Me Middletown Ohio is here to make sure that you get what you want with our wide selection of party buses and limos available for rent.

The Party bus rental near me Middletown, Ohio is a great option for anyone looking to have a fun night out. Party buses are the ultimate way to get your friends together and enjoy yourself on an outing! Party buses come equipped with state of the art sound systems, lighting, and televisions so you can party all night long. If you are interested in renting one of these Party buses near me Middletown, Ohio then contact us today!

Party Buses

Hot 18 Passenger Party Bus Middletown, OH 18 Passenger Party Bus Middletown, OH interior
18 Passengers
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Hot 20 Passenger Party Bus Middletown, OH 20 Passenger Party Bus Middletown, OH interior
20 Passengers
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Popular Hot 40 Passenger Party Bus Middletown, OH 40 Passenger Party Bus Middletown, OH interior
40 Passengers
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Charter Buses

Hot Alternate Text
60 Passengers
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Alternate Text
47 Passengers
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Hot Alternate Text
40 Passengers
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Popular Hot Alternate Text
35 Passengers
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Mini Buses

Hot Alternate Text
28 Passengers
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Hot Alternate Text
24 Passengers
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Popular Hot Alternate Text
18 Passengers
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Hot Alternate Text
12 Passengers
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Limo Service Rentals

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12 Passengers
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Hot Alternate Text
14 Passengers
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Popular Hot Alternate Text
16 Passengers
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Hot Alternate Text
18 Passengers
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Middletown Bus Rental Services

Have you always wanted to visit the birthplace of aviation, Wright Patterson Air Force Base? How about the National Museum of the United States Air Force? Or maybe you've always wanted to meet a real-life astronaut at the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum. Well, there's no better place to do all that than Middletown, Ohio!

And if you want to take your Middletown experience all the way, we recommend renting a limo for your trip. With a limo rental from Bus Rental USA, you'll be able to soak up every minute of what Middletown has to offer without having to worry about things like parking or getting lost.

Here's everything you need to know about limo rental in Middletown:

What is a Limo?

A limousine is a luxury car that can fit anywhere from 6–20 passengers. While some people think of limos as stretching out longer than they are high, there are many modern luxury cars that are classified as limousines, including SUVs and van-style shuttles.

See Pictures on Our Website!

Need a bus? We got you!

Bus Rental is your one-stop shop for bus rentals in Middletown, Ohio. Whether you need to get around the city or head out of town for a bit, we've got the perfect bus for you.

If you're looking for a reliable charter bus for your business trip, school field trip, or family reunion, we've got you covered! We have a variety of buses available to suit any need. From private tour buses with all the bells and whistles to more affordable options like school buses and motor coaches that can get up to 50 passengers where they need to go without breaking anyone's bank account.

Check out our list of some of the most popular places to visit while you're in Middletown!

Employee Transportation Middletown, Ohio

At Employee Transportation, we are not just a group transportation company. We offer employee transportation services in Middletown, Ohio for companies of all sizes and industries. Employee Transportation offers flexible rates that will work within the budget of any company!

We provide Employee Transportation Middletown, Ohio to companies looking for group transportation. Employee transportation can be a great way to increase productivity in the workplace by reducing absenteeism and tardiness. Employee Transportation is one of many services that we offer, so contact us today if you are interested!

Do you need Employee Transportation Middletown, Ohio? Group transportation Middletown, Ohio is a great option for employee transportation! Employee Transportation Middletown, Ohio can be expensive. Employee Transportation Middletown, Ohio can have high prices because of the convenience and safety it provides to your employees. If you are looking for Employee Transportation Middletown, Ohio this blog post will provide some great information on how to go about getting Employee Transportation in the greater Cincinnati area.

Event Transportation Middletown, Ohio

Transportation services are typically overlooked when it comes to event planning. Event transportation Middletown, Ohio is one of the most important aspects to consider when hosting an event. Event planners often overlook this aspect and end up regretting their decision later on. Event Transportation Middletown, Ohio ensures that all your guests arrive safely and in a timely manner!

Are you looking for Event Transportation Middletown, Ohio? Event transportation is a group transportation service that takes people who are going to the same event from one location to another. Event Transportation Middletown, Ohio offers a variety of services including airport transfers and group travel for concerts, sporting events or any other type of event. Contact us today to schedule your next Event Transportation Middletown, Ohio!

Are you looking for Event Transportation Middletown, Ohio? Event Transportation of Middletown is a group transportation company that specializes in Event Transportation. Event Transportation offers group transportation services to all of Middletown and the surrounding areas. Event Transportation has been providing Event Transportation to clients since 1999.

Things to do in Middletown, OH

Things to do in Middletown, Ohio

Middletown is a small town in the middle of Ohio. It has many things to offer for visitors, both locals and outsiders alike. Things to do include visiting Middletown's public library, playing mini golf at Funland, or taking your dog to the local pet store. Here are some other things you can do while in Middletown: visit one of the three parks, spend time with friends at one of the restaurants or bars on Main Street, or go shopping at Walmart!

Middletown, Ohio is a small town with a lot to offer. From the quaint shops and restaurants on Main Street, to historic sites like Fort Ancient or Hanging Rock Park, Middletown has something for everyone! In this post we will take you through some of our favorite things to do in Middletown. Whether you are staying for an hour or several days, there is no shortage of things to do here!

Middletown, Ohio is a small town with a population of just over 5,000 people. There are many things to do in Middletown for those looking to explore the city and meet some locals. Things range from going on a hike at Hocking Hills State Park, or exploring the historical buildings downtown. Whether you're visiting Middletown for business or pleasure, there's something here for everyone!

Smith Park

Address: 801 W Jefferson St, New Carlisle, OH 45344

Phone: +1 513-422-3030

Smith Park is a beautiful and well-maintained park located in Middletown, Ohio. Smith Park has scenic views of the Smith River and rolling hillsides. The Smith River runs through Smith Park. This river can be fished year round for trout, bass, bluegill, catfish and crappie! Smith Park also features a playground that is perfect for children to run around on after an exhausting day at work or school!

Smith Park is a beautiful place to visit in Middletown, Ohio. Smith Park has a lot of things to offer and it's open year-round for people to enjoy its beauty and fun! Smith Park offers many activities such as: fishing, boating, picnicking, biking trails and more. Smith Park also has lots of wildlife that you can see which makes this park an even better experience for all members of the family! Smith Park is one of those places where you can go with friends or your family and find something enjoyable to do.

Smith Park is a small park located in Middletown, Ohio. Smith Park features a large playground and an open field for sports and recreation. Smith Park is the perfect place to spend your free time!

Smith Park has been providing residents of Middletown with hours of fun since it opened its doors back in 1991. Smith Park offers plenty of things to do such as: playing at the large playground, throwing around the football or soccer ball on one of the fields, or just sitting down and watching those beautiful sunsets that you can see from Smith's hilltop location. Smith Park will always be there waiting for you when you need some fresh air and good times!

Canal Museum

Address: 1605 N Verity Pkwy, Middletown, OH 45042

Phone: +1 513-422-7161

The Canal Museum in Middletown, Ohio is a great place to spend an afternoon. Located at the junction of the Miami and Erie Canal, it showcases the history of this important mode of transportation. The museum features many artifacts from early canal days including maps, models, paintings and tools. Visit our Canal Museum today!

The Canal Museum in Middletown, Ohio is an excellent place to get information on the history of canals and canal life. The museum has a variety of exhibits that explore the engineering feats, social impact and cultural heritage of this important form of transportation. Canal boats are constantly passing by on their way through town, adding to the ambiance and charm of this historic site. With Canal Days coming up at Middletown’s Canal Museum (June 1-3) be sure not to miss out!

The Canal Museum in Middletown, Ohio is a fascinating place for anyone who enjoys the water. This museum has been open since 1990 and features exhibits that are related to canals, riverways, locks and dams, towpaths, boating safety, transportation on the canal system in Ohio and more!

Bus Rental helped me choose a bus for my wedding guests so they could all go safely from our ceremony to the reception. The customer service I received was excellent and they hooked me up with the best price possible for a large shuttle bus.

-Tamika A., Lauderhill, FL

Our company does an annual retreat and we require consistent booking for multiple charter buses. Bus Rental is always on point and helps us secure the buses we need. They always arrive on time and provide a great ride.

-Brian R., Charlotte, NC

Top tips for renting a party bus in Middletown, OH

  • Plan ahead so that you can book the right vehicle for your event, it's good to book 2-3 weeks in advance
  • Figure out how many passengers are coming so you can pick the right type of vehicle - There are many vehicles that can seat up to 56 Passengers
  • Time & place, Know where and what time you want to arrive at your destination - Ensure everyone will be on time when your chauffeur arrives
  • Manage your budget - If you plan on splitting the cost of the rental with multiple people figure how much each person needs to pitch in!

FAQs About Renting a Party Bus in Middletown, OH

How much does it cost to rent a party bus in Middletown, OH?

Prices of party bus rentals in the Middletown, OH area vary depending on what type of party bus you need and the amount hours you want to rent it for. For availability and pricing contact our reservation department for a quote since prices may vary depending on availability and location. On average a party bus in Middletown, OH is about $103 to $250 per hour

How many people can you fit in a party bus?

There are typically 12 to 36 people who can fit into a standard party bus. Depending on how many passengers you need there are party bus rentals that fit your party size comfortably!

How much do you tip a party bus driver?

While it's not mandatory if you are satisfied with your overall experience typically the industry average is 5 to 7% of your overall cost. A tip can be a great way to show your show appreciation to the service you were given!

What to do in a party bus in Middletown, OH?

Middletown, OH is filled with fun activities and attractions that cater to every one's needs! All age groups are welcomed! From kids to adults there is something thing to enjoy for everyone. Travel stress free and let us handle your group transportation needs!

How to rent a party bus?

BusRental USA makes it easy to book a party bus in Middletown, OH. Once you know how many passengers and the destination you can call us and we'll handle your reservations from start to finish. Our reservation specialists come equipped with years of experience in transportation planning for small and large events.

Where can you take a Party Bus?

A Party Bus can be taken anywhere you like. Typically Party Buses are used for small to large party sizes, it is a safe and reliable method of transportation for you family and friends. You will determine the pick up and drop off locations for the drivers to arrive. Call now to setup group transportation services that fit your itinerary!

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