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Enjoy a Full Night of Fun with Party Bus Visalia California. It doesn't matter what your inclination is—sitting at the bar with a cold beer on hand, strutting your stuff on the dance floor, or listening to live music—you're bound to have fun when you go out Partying in a Party bus. Visalia CA has hot clubs and bars as well as cozy lounges and watering holes to make your night out memorable.
60 Passenger Charter Bus

Our largest charter bus rental available and our most requested size for large groups of people.

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56 passwnger charter bus
56 Passenger Charter Bus

Our largest charter bus rental available and our most requested size for large groups of people.

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47 passenger charter bus
47 Passenger Charter Bus

This charter bus is an excellent choice for large group events under fifty passengers.

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40 passenger charter bus
40 Passenger Charter Bus

A mid size charter bus that would be ideal for group transportation for any occasion.

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35 passenger charter bus
35 Passenger Charter Bus

The smallest available size in a charter bus style can still hold a larger sized group.

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28 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Our larger models of shuttle buses are a good choice if you have less than 30 passengers.

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24 passenger shuttle bus
24 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Your guests will enjoy a comfortable ride in this shuttle bus rental to get them to their destination.

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18 passenger mini bus
18 Passenger Mini Bus

We offer minibus rentals for small groups that require transportation or point to point travel.

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12 passenger shuttle bus
12 Passenger Sprinter Bus

Our smallest offering is a Sprinter bus rental that gives you plenty of room and a comfort.

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Party Buses Visalia

Cottage (93277) is a good first stop. The first thing that you'll love about this place is the relaxing atmosphere. And this will surely help you have a chill out experience during your stay. You deserve it, after all you've been doing nothing but work hard all day long. It's only right to reward yourself with one of Cottage's famous drinks.Lum Lums (93291), meanwhile, is known for having the bet bartenders. In fact, if you ask any patron, the bartenders will always be among the top three factors that make them come back over and over again. The other two things are the amazing Chinese food and cheap but delicious drinks. Locals recommend the Dragonlady and Voodoo Revenge. Planning to head to Dana Point, Brea, Costa Mesa, Cypress, or Los Alamitos? We can take you there!

Party Bus Rentals Visalia California

Before you cap the night, you definitely have to make your way to the Cadillac Lounge (93292). It has this cool and smooth vibe that you won't able to get enough of. Sure, it's not a wild and rowdy place where you can dance on the tables or belt out your singing prowess but it's a nice place to hang out and unwind with a beer or two with your friends. Don't let anyone stop you from the having the best time ever especially when you're aboard a Party bus rental. Visalia isn't the only place you can visit. With a convenient transport service, you can also take the Party to nearby cities like Farmersville, Exeter, Tulare, Lindsay, and Dinuba. Not to mention, you also get to save yourself from all sorts of stress and trouble. With Party bus rentals Visalia CA, you'll get to travel around the city in the easiest, most elegant and safest way imaginable. You won't have to think about any problem or mishap since everything is under control the control of your reliable and competent driver. An expert who will show you around this beautiful sitting - suggesting the hottest spots. Don't just take our word for it. Ask anyone who has used our transport service and people will always be quick to tell you that a Party bus Visalia California is what made their trip magical. After a full day of sightseeing, all that is left to do is jump in your Visalia CA Party bus to have an amazing night, making grand entrances everywhere you go. It's easy to think that with all the perks that you can enjoy with this vehicle, you'd a lot of cash in order to foot the bill. That's not true at all. Party bus prices are not a small fortune. Just because you're using cheap Party bus rentals, it doesn't mean that you'll have a shoddy vehicle. A limo bus Visalia California lets you freely explore the city in style.